Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pantsing, plotting and passing on the joy of reading

Wow, is it February already? Time is just flying by. I must admit I am glad that January is over and the children are back at school and routines are back in place. I quite like structure in my life. I like knowing when things are happening and at what time. I like to know how much things cost ahead of time and I like to plan - except when it comes to my writing. I'm not sure why that is.

I'm a self-confessed pantser when it comes to writing. I've tried to plot in the past, getting down all the details first, having a direction for each chapter etc etc but by the time it came to actually writing it I was already over the whole thing. I know I'm not alone, which always makes one feel less like a freak. I also know there are those who live by the plot and are very successful doing it. This makes me mad because all indications show I should like plotting. I should be on that plotting train, baby! Alas, it seems I am bound for life to being a fly by the seat of my pants type of writer. Hey, I'm okay with it, really I am. What ever works I say. So far pantsing is working for me so I'm sticking like glue. Have you ever had one aspect of your life contradict another?

Enough about that for now. I want to talk books. For a while I thought my two daughters were not going to be readers. I knew they could read I just never saw them read for pleasure. As a writer this disturbed me but I should not have worried. They were just waiting for a book to come along that would ignite the spark of reading in them. It seems that book was Twilight. Anyone with a teenage daughter, or son for that matter, will know about this book.

I don't care what the critics think, I don't care how good/bad the movie was. I will love this book til the end of my days because it opened the gates to reading for my girls. It brought us closer and gave them a new understanding of their mother. Hallelujah! I could not have asked for more than that - unless the book had been Pride and Prejudice that is. Never the less they are devouring books and now seek out other books to read. I'm confident that P& P will have it's day.

I may be spending far more on books than I ever anticipated but you know what? I don't care. I see their eyes light up anticipating the first page of a new book and I sigh in contentment even if that means I will not see them for several hours. Already I see their vocabulary widening, their minds expanding and their love of words growing. They ask me questions about their books and we discuss the nature of people and the world we live in. Books do this for people. Books open our eyes and allow us to see the world around us in more than just shades of grey. So, whether you like reading Mystery, Crime, Suspense, Biographies, Paranormal, Romance or Science Fiction I say go forth and read.

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